An Overview

We thank all our participants for making our Short Video Competition a memorable success! Through this event, Inclusive World enabled an opportunity for artists to advocate for a topic they care about via their dance, singing, playing instruments, acting, or other talents.

The Theme

In order to ensure full freedom for the artists, our theme for this year was kept broad. Artists made a short video that discusses a topic that resonates deeply with them. Participants used varied formats including a music video, a short movie, a public service announcement and an entertainment segment, to make a visually appealing showcase of their talents.

Learning Opportunities

To help prepare participants for their video submissions, we hosted two virtual workshops in July 2020. The first workshop covered the basics of film making to guide participants as they film their videos. Additionally, we hosted a second workshop to introduce participants to basic video editing. These workshops were run by professionals in the entertainment industry from India, who further shared tricks of the trade in camera work, sound editing, lighting, special effects like double shots and story lines. These sessions inspired our participants to experiment and curate their videos, with finesse.

Winners & Awards:

Several avid competitors participated in Inclusive World’s Short Video Competition. We saw some incredible entries from all the participants and every single video was extremely well made. However, some of the entries stood out from the rest. Our top three winners for the Short Video Competition were:

  1. Back to the “near” Future by the Krazy Kumars – Sahana Kumar & Suhas Kumar (
  2. Vicarious by Team F-Stop Productions – Viren (
  3. The Miracle…by the Dynamic Duos – Shraddha Narayan & Sadhvi Narayanan, Varshini Subramanian, Narayanan Thondugulam (

Please watch these teams’ amazing videos!

Awards and certificates were issued by the jury across different categories of evaluation criteria like cinematography to Ram Subramaniam and best performance to Shraddha Narayanan. Inclusive World is thankful to all the parents, participants, and judges/ mentors (Kunal Rajan, Mani Ram, Eswaran Baskaran, Balamurali Balu, Vivek Elangovan, and Thirumudi Thulasiraman) for making this event possible. Furthermore, thank you so much to our sponsors: Shastha Foods, Arnav Kicks, Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC), and the Law Offices of Manohar T. Reddy! And special thanks to RJ Sudha. Without all your support, we would not have had such success!

Inclusive World raised significant funds through this event despite the shelter-in-place restrictions in the summer. Kudos to the fundraising team of Viswas Mani, Sumukh Suresh and Aashna Chintapalani, and adult volunteers of Inclusive World including Jayashree Mani, Janaki Venkat and Rohini Panchapakesan, for making this an amazing competition!