Employment Services

We partner with local organizations to provide dignified volunteer and paid job opportunities that enable our members to gain experience in real workplace settings. In these settings, members will interact with coworkers, gain essential social skills and learn on the job.

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our volunteer opportunities and seasonal jobs are on hold. To continue supporting the professional development of our members at this time, we have started a Conversation Skills Development program to help them gain valuable conversational and digital correspondence (email) skills that they can utilize in their daily lives.

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Our Employment Partners

Inclusive World’s endeavor to enable inclusive and productive lives for people with different abilities involves partnering with organizations that offer employment opportunities. Inclusive World works with families and partners to match opportunities with our members skills and interests and empower them to be productive. These partnerships typically entail:

  • Internship or volunteering opportunities
  • Part-time paid jobs
  • Seasonal paid jobs
  • Full time jobs
  • Arts and Crafts Small Business

These jobs are either in real workplace settings (with or without a job coach) or sheltered jobs in customized environments on our premises.

In 2020, given that the volunteering and seasonal jobs were on hold due to the pandemic, Inclusive World members worked on a virtual volunteering opportunity with the India Community Center (ICC). This opportunity entailed recording meal orders from senior citizens (either through a phone call or through email) enrolled in a Meal Order & Delivery Program run by ICC under the Senior Nutrition Program of Santa Clara County. Drawing on the successful experience, we launched a virtual Conversation skills development program in September 2020. The aim of this program is to equip members with strong conversational and digital correspondence (email) skills that can be applied in any future employment setting.

“I commend organizations that open doors to give a chance to the special needs young adults to stimulate them and to continue to challenge them by raising their level of expectations.  These young adults are internally very cognizant and it is our responsibility to facilitate their environment to help them reach their maximum potential.”  – Parent

Seasonal jobs
“Well coordinated by IW, Srivatsan learnt assembly line type of work and time allotted was sufficient to complete the task.” – Parent

“Skills such as hand eye coordination, problem solving and focusing were learnt and we also got left-right integration movement in by making the hands cross for each lid. Yes, it was about 15 hours of free therapy:) ” – Parent