Our program models are successful owing to the continuous support from partnerships with like-minded organizations and good Samaritans in our growing community. While our partners engage with us on person-centered services, skill development programs and employment opportunities, some of them support us unconditionally on our mission to create an inclusive and productive world for people with different abilities. We are deeply grateful to our partners in the journey towards social impact.

How to be our Partner?

Skills Development Services Partners

Software Testing Products/Platforms

UI/UX Design Program

UI/UX Design, Development and Feature Testing Products/Platforms

Employment Services Partners

Proof reading books volunteer jobs

Office Admin volunteering jobs

Office Admin volunteering jobs

Office Admin volunteering jobs

Volunteer Jobs

Labelling, Packaging and other seasonal paid jobs

Volunteering jobs

Crowdsourced user testing jobs

Heritage products selling partner

Person Centered Services Partnerships


Community Outreach Partners

Hosted an interview with Inclusive World

Buddy Program Partner

Hosted interviews with Inclusive World

Outreach Partner

Outreach Partner

Consulting Partner

Legal Services

Social Media Partners