At Inclusive World, we nurture desires, interests & dreams We Celebrate Triumphs We uphold the dignity of individuals We practice person centered culture We focus on holistic development
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Our Mission

Inclusive World’s mission is to develop skills and abilities of differently abled individuals based on their interests and goals for the future. The goal is for differently abled individuals to be able to lead a productive life of acceptance and inclusion.

How we go about it

Using person centered practices, we identify an individual’s desires, interests and dreams. We offer skills development and employment opportunities that match their interests and focus on their holistic development.

Differently Abled Youth/Families

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Our Programs

Skills Development

In this program, our students are coached how to run an Arts & Crafts Small Business.

In these classes, students enjoy the sensory experience of programming to control the movement of physical robots.

This program exposes students to the basics of programming through fun games & story board projects to progress to learning advanced programming skills.

Our students begin with learning how to organize any type of information by using MS Excel and then progress to learning how to run calculations and creating data visualizations.

In this program, our courses provide students with valuable hands-on experience with standard industry tools for testing software.

Employment Services

We have partnered with numerous local organizations to provide both dignified volunteer and paid job opportunities to give our members the experience of working in a real workplace setting, socially interacting with co-workers, in addition to learning job skills.

Partner organizations have included Girl Scouts of America, Arts of Living Finance Department, Access Braille, ArcSF, Heartland Hospice, India Community Center and Shastha Foods. Inclusive World works with families to match opportunities with skills and interests of members.

Person Centered Planning

Inclusive World’s model is rooted in person centered practices. We currently offer the service of building one-page-profiles. One page profiles empower individuals to self advocate who they are, what is important to them as a person, what is important for them to be safe & healthy and how to best support them, in any setting – be it in school, college, therapy, social and community interactions.

Meet Our Families

Arun Family Story >>

Rucha Desai Family Story >>

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