Inclusive World held its annual holiday party on Saturday, December 18. The 3-hour party was filled with a lot of activities and was a blast!  After Madhu Krishnan, co-founder of Inclusive World welcomed the 50 families (composed of students, volunteers, and supporters), part one of the holiday talent show started. The talent show was awesome, engaging, and unique. Rohini Panchapakesan and Jaya Rupanagunta talked about the accomplishments of the organization in 2021, and the milestones to look forward to in 2022.  Afterward, we watched the second half of the talent show. The applause emoji storm indicated how awestruck the audience was by the wonderful talents showcased by the students and volunteers of Inclusive World. Thanks to Abhishek Veturi, Arnav Parekh, Arthi Venkat, Arun Bharadwaj, Bhargav Embar, Pallavi Kuthanur, Sadhvi Narayanan, Saimahesh Srinivasan, Sreekar Chandralapaty, Tanvi Singh, and Vibha Sriram for their amazing performances. Here are some captures of the talent show.