Currently Open Volunteer Positions

IW is looking for an experienced and hands-on Marketing Head. The role involves the person to develop and execute marketing and outreach strategies to meet the organization objectives; to build a robust communication and digital marketing strategy; to own Client Acquisition and Brand Management; and to design and execute product sales strategy across chosen domains and markets. If you have a successful track record in sales, marketing and business development and are passionate about contributing to our cause, reach out to for a conversation and more details of the role and its requirements..

IW is looking for a person with some experience in legal and secretarial function in a non-profit organization. The role entails overseeing matters of legal, regulatory and statutory compliance & audit for IW including the creation and maintenance of statutory by-laws; managing the Board of Directors and its proceedings in a timely and effective manner; maintain accurate documentation and meet legal 501 c(3) requirements including meeting deadlines for filings, notifications, among other things. If you have the background in secretarial functions and would like to be part of our journey, reach out to .for a conversation and more details if needed.