Currently Open Volunteer Positions

Attend weekly classes and serve as a buddy to a single student for the course of the academic year. Learn new skills alongside your student. Help students complete classwork and homework. Homework sessions will be done virtually during a weekday. Attendance commitment for the duration of the course is required. This is an in-person volunteering opportunity that requires a time commitment of 2-3 hours a week.

Being a buddy entails that you:

  • Smile and greet your buddy as you start working with them to make them comfortable
  • Try and understand boundaries
  • Encourage and positively motivate your member with class work/project
  • Do not do the work for your member
  • Lead your buddy to the right answer by asking questions and letting them think
  • Use positive and encouraging language
  • Demonstrate courteous, warm and kind behavior in every interaction.
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Execute the week-by-week plans and activities/projects for the spectrum of members enrolled for an academic session

Open classes:

  1. Conversational Skills
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Python Programming
  4. Scratch Programming / robotics
  5. Small Business – Products and Services
  6. Software Testing
  7. Website development (using Weebly)

If you are passionate about being a change-maker in the lives of the differently abled, you will find volunteering as a Class Teacher/Co-Teacher as the most gratifying experience!

Inclusive World is looking for adult class teachers for the program dates Sept 2023 – May 2024. We are a systems and process driven organization. Our class teachers are core to the foundation of our work and are well supported by our community of volunteers and parents of members to enable an effective learning experience. 

When you become a class teacher, you will:

  • Manage a class of 5-7 students, where each student is assigned a 1:1 teen volunteer buddy who supports learning in class
  • Teach a defined available curriculum, over 24 weeks of the academic year
  • Run each class for a duration of 90 mins, either on a weekend or a weekday (schedule available)
  • Do classes either in-person (Milpitas, CA) or remote.
  • Undertake beginning of the year assessment of student needs, mid-year and end of the year evaluation of student progress in class
  • Require the flexibility of committing up to 3-5 hours a week 

Inclusive World uses person centered practices and tools to engage with all its members. We offer training/shadow opportunities for new class teachers, from now through May 2022, to help you get conversant with our approaches and methodologies. 

Class Teacher openings for 2023-24:

  1. Conversational Skills
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Python Programming
  4. Scratch Programming / Robotics
  5. Small Business – Products and Services
  6. Software Testing
  7. Website development (using Weebly)

Coordinate small business programs – Products and Services. Train our neurodiverse students in small business skills. Follow person centered practices- conduct mid year and end of year review cycles and complete program operation related processes.

  • Will teach based on a provided curriculum. Follow person centered practices- conduct mid year and end of year review cycles and complete program operation related processes.
  • Prospective class leads will have the opportunity to shadow previous leads; they will also be provided with a mentor to guide them through the process.

This is an in-person volunteering opportunity with a time commitment of 3-4 hours per week, and runs year-round.

If you are passionate about making a difference and you are a self-motivated, enthusiastic and community-driven person then you are ready to take on this exciting role. Inclusive World is looking to expand its member base and outreach aggressively in the coming years. As our Outreach Coordinator, you will develop and implement initiatives that increase company visibility within the surrounding community.

This role entails the following:

  • Maintaining a calendar of outreach activities, including community events, workshops, appearances and other communication opportunities
  • Curating creative events
  • Event and partnership management
  • Managing an outreach budget

A degree in communications, marketing, business or related fields with 3-5 years of experience within non-profit fundraising or outreach activities is desirable. Having outstanding written communication and presentation skills, strong knowledge of social media and other marketing platforms, positive attitude and ability to manage multiple projects at a time, as skills would be a definite plus in successfully executing this role.

This is a virtual volunteering opportunity with a time commitment of 3-4 hours per week, including the weekend on a need basis and longer sessions on the day of the events/booths.

Inclusive World’s mission is to enable productive opportunities for persons with different abilities. As our Employment Services Manager, you will nurture employment partnerships for part-time and full-time jobs and internships for our members. This role entails thinking out-of-the-box to curate productive opportunities for persons with different abilities, as well as having strong communication skills and working in unstructured spaces.

Your role includes the following:

  • Organize partnerships with local organizations, stores, and companies.
  • Use these partnerships to encourage or place Inclusive World members in volunteering positions, internships, and / or part time jobs.

This is a virtual volunteering opportunity with a time commitment of 2-4 hours per week. Looking for individuals with 2+ years of community development, local to the San Francisco Bay Area (as we are looking for local opportunities and connections).

Inclusive World relies on grants from both donors and institutions/corporates to run its programs. Grants are given through a proposal process and require internal processes to be executed in writing grants and reporting once issued. We are looking for a volunteer Grant Writer who can help us seek grants

Role and Responsibility:
* Primarily responsible for developing and writing grant proposals to public/private foundations and other grant-making organizations and will persuasively communicate IW’s mission and programs to potential funders.

* Perform prospect research on foundations and corporations to evaluate prospects for corporate and foundation grants.

* Assemble and submit grant requests, establish and maintain personal contact and relationships with foundation contacts, conduct prospect research, and maintain a calendar of submissions and other deadlines.

* Maintain current records in the database and in paper files, including grant tracking and reporting Maintaining calendar to ensure timely submission of letters of inquiry, proposal deadlines, and reports Prioritizing projects to keep multiple projects moving in a timely manner, meet deadlines and manage supplemental material required for proposals.

* Provide stewardship to current donors and provide regular written updates to corporate and foundation donors.

A positive attitude and attention to detail are a must. This person will closely coordinate with the IW managers, IW Board and help our volunteers in the IW office. This is a virtual volunteering opportunity with a time commitment of 2-4 hours a week. Grant writing and nonprofit experience are a plus.

IW has a home grown portal that houses all member and volunteer data and interfaces with front ends including IW’s website, Google forms, and more. This supports important program processes such as attendance tracking, person centered services (one page profiles) and buddy mapping. Maintenance of the portal and its sync with front ends is vital to the functioning of the organization.

Key responsibilities include the following:

  • Manage the portal, website. Periodic maintenance
  • Make updates to attendance tracker, registration/enrollment forms
  • Track bugs and coordinate with contractor, with appropriate SLAs
  • Administrative tasks – adding users, updating groups
  • Manage hosting services subscription
  • Collect requirements for enhancements and coordinate enhancements
  • Vendor Management

Other responsibilities:

  • Coordination with Program Operations
  • Coordination with Member-Volunteer Management
  • Update Leadership & Board on current status, changes, enhancements
  • Participate in planning cycles and budget/plan for changes to be planned for
  • Engage in strategic meetings and discussions around marketing and promoting the IW brand/mission

This is an online volunteering opportunity that requires a time commitment of 1-2 hours per week.

IW is looking for an experienced and hands-on Marketing Head. The role involves the person to develop and execute marketing and outreach strategies to meet the organization objectives; to build a robust communication and digital marketing strategy; to own Client Acquisition and Brand Management; and to design and execute product sales strategy across chosen domains and markets. If you have a successful track record in sales, marketing and business development and are passionate about contributing to our cause, reach out to for a conversation and more details of the role and its requirements..

Inclusive World seeks a consultant to work on this strategic project alongside its Leadership team. We have pulled together resources internally and externally to execute the plans that stem out of this project and are adequately funded to undertake the activities that may be proposed, albeit in a resource-effective and efficient manner. The insights and plans developed by consultants will serve as critical inputs to the operating marketing model at an Inclusive World.

The marketing researcher will undertake market research and develop a marketing plan for Inclusive World to grow and expand across segments in its target market. This project entails the following:

  • Doing a deep dive analysis of the market Inclusive World operates in, including a competitor analysis and SWOT analysis
  • Understanding the diverse outreach channels including analyzing the efficacy of its social media channels currently under use
  • Undertaking a customer immersion exercise to develop journey maps and personas; developing a marketing plan detailing how to reach out to viable segments, channels and marketing activities for acquisition and social media strategies
  • Reviewing marketing assets, and outlining metrics to measure the efficacy of the marketing plans developed.

This is a virtual volunteering opportunity with a time commitment of 3-4 hours per week, year-round.

IW runs on the strength of a dedicated base of motivated volunteers across functions and programs. Timely, well matched, well trained, engaged and committed volunteers, adult and teens, ensure the success of IW programs and IW as an organization.

Additionally, IW’s mission is to reach out to the population of differently abled youth, to help build inclusive and productive communities. Managing members end to end from the time of acquisition and through the journey of leading productive and inclusive lives is core to the vision and mission of IW.

Tasks may include:

  • Coordinate with Program Team to publish the new year’s program/class schedule, class size, slots for re-enrollment/enrollment, new classes, location & timing related matters. Support Skill Development, PCT and Employment Services coordinators in completing enrollment in their specific programs.
  • Manage the member enrollment, matching/assignment and Training & Orientation processes along with program coordinators across Skill Dev, PCT & Employment Services
  • Oversee progress of members enrolled for different programs & services – tracking attendance progress, sending reminders to parents/members, addressing program specific member issues during the year.
  • Manage member re-enrollment – follow up with class leads, parents, and returning members; complete re-enrollment
  • Manage next year’s class schedule and member spot assignment process
  • Manage screening and recruitment process of Volunteers (completion of re-enrollment, new enrollments, interviews and confirmation process) including Board/Executive team approval of adult volunteers for designated roles
  • Match buddies to program members
  • Match volunteers to functions/projects/events/booths

This is a virtual volunteering opportunity requiring a time commitment of 3-4 hours per week, and runs year-round.

The purpose of this position is to help enable an effective working environment throughout the organization by building person-centered tools for members and volunteers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead a team to design and implement person centered process flows across various functions in the organization
  • Oversee implementation of process flows – draft OPP (one page profile), OPP for clients, OPP services for non-clients and non IW contexts
  • Be the champion for clients and owner of client experience – starting from baseline assessment, creation of draft OPP, OPP, mid year reviews and end line review.
  • Organize workshops for IW internal and external members on PCT practices
  • Forge partnerships with programs and school districts to put OPP to use, including outreach to special Ed teachers & aides
  • Define goals to achieve yearly, conduct periodic follow ups to track progress. Report progress to board during quarterly board meetings.

Supplemental Responsibilities:

  • Share updates requested by Core team and / or be aligned with Core initiatives across the Organization.
  • Coordinate with Class Leads on OPP updates and other program support needs/continuous curriculum needs or changes
  • Liaison with RC on self determination facilitator license

This is a virtual volunteering opportunity with a time commitment of 1-3 hours per week, or 4-6 hours per week during the peak cycle (July – September).

The key responsibilities of this position include: to drive and deliver the growth in sales and revenue from both the Products and Photo Scanning Services units of Small Business; identify and develop new business opportunities; establish partnerships. This position is an offline volunteering position which will require a time commitment of 4 hours a week. Looking for individuals with 5-8 years of experience in growing sales for a small business.

The primary responsibility is to lead an Inclusive World summer internship project. This includes recruiting interns, creating project plans along with the team, mentoring interns, and managing the overall project. The project concludes with a project presentation.

Examples of a project may include:

  • Curriculum Development for several programs
  • Grants Research
  • Donor Database Consolidation
  • Summer Buddy and Mentor Program

Key Responsibilities:

  • Complete a project proposal
  • Share the project goals and outlines with the interns.
  • Decide the frequency of weekly meetings with your team and ensure the team members follow that timing.
  • Have a weekly call with other mentors to share the project status and highlight any issues.
  • Track volunteer hours

This is a primarily virtual opportunity with bi-weekly in person check-ins, requiring a time commitment of 1-3 hours per week throughout the summer.