Currently Open Volunteer Positions

IW is looking for an experienced and hands-on Marketing Head. The role involves the person to develop and execute marketing and outreach strategies to meet the organization objectives; to build a robust communication and digital marketing strategy; to own Client Acquisition and Brand Management; and to design and execute product sales strategy across chosen domains and markets. If you have a successful track record in sales, marketing and business development and are passionate about contributing to our cause, reach out to for a conversation and more details of the role and its requirements..

If you are passionate about being a change-maker in the lives of the differently abled, you will find volunteering as a Class Teacher/Co-Teacher as the most gratifying experience!

Inclusive World is looking for adult class teachers for the program dates Sept 2022 – May 2023. We are a systems and process driven organization. Our class teachers are core to the foundation of our work and are well supported by our community of volunteers and parents of members to enable an effective learning experience. 

When you become a class teacher, you will:

  • Manage a class of 5-7 students, where each student is assigned a 1:1 teen volunteer buddy who supports learning in class
  • Teach a defined available curriculum, over 24 weeks of the academic year
  • Run each class for a duration of 90 mins, either on a weekend or a weekday (schedule available)
  • Do classes either in-person (Milpitas, CA) or remote.
  • Undertake beginning of the year assessment of student needs, mid-year and end of the year evaluation of student progress in class
  • Require the flexibility of committing upto 3-5 hours a week 

Inclusive World uses person centered practices and tools to engage with all its members. We offer training/shadow opportunities for new class teachers, from now through May 2022, to help you get conversant with our approaches and methodologies. 

Class Teacher openings for 2022-23: 

  1. Software Testing 
  2. Scratch Programming
  3. Microsoft Excel
  4. Robotics
  5. Python programming
  6. Website development class using Weebly
  7. Conversational Skills
  8. Arts & Crafts