Impressions Contest

Results are in!



1st place: Suhani Akilesh

2nd place: Shree Harshitha RK


1st place: Arnav Parekh



1st place: Suhani Sharma


1st place: Aditya Venkatesh


1st place: Abhishek Veturi

2nd place: Tanvi Singh



1st place: Rinaz Jamal


1st place: Vibha Sriram


1st place: Prarthana Raghavan

Visual Arts


1st place: Aanya Malthankar

2nd place: Anika Mohan


1st place: Sahana Ramanathan

2nd place: Srividhya Chandramouleeswaran


1st place: Priya Rajaram

Kavya Ganesh’s dance interpretation of our contest:

Big thanks to our judges as well: Tamara Kodner, Kalpana Mohan, Meera Iyer, and Sid Veloria!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The fourteenth annual world Autism day is on April 2nd and this kicks off a month long awareness and acceptance campaign, nationally and here at Inclusive World. One in 54 children in the U.S., have autism. In celebration, we have launched a new contest, Impressions.


Impressions aims to bring together people of all ages to celebrate the uniqueness among all of us. We aim to continue to strive towards our goal to help differently abled individuals to lead a productive life of acceptance and inclusion. This autism awareness month, let us all learn a little more about what autism is, who it affects, why it matters and what we can do. Join us for World Autism Awareness month, to help make a more loving and inclusive world!


We kick start our contest this year with the theme :

The world I dream about is….

We all see the world a little differently, in our own unique ways. We all have a different way we would like to change the world for the better. And we all want to live in a world which is kinder and more inclusive. Tell us, what your unique dream is.

About the Contest

  • The impressions contest is spread across 4 major categories, music, dance, visual arts and literature.
  • Each category gives the contestant the opportunity to express in a unique way how they would like to see the world.
  • Age groups are 10-13 years old, 14-17, and 18 and older.
  • All submissions in each category should reflect the theme and the contestants’ unique characteristics and styles.
  • All entries are to be submitted by June 1st and the awards will be announced on June 15th.
  • This is a virtual contest and all entries will be made virtually; more details coming soon!


Registration is now closed